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Some News and Views. . .

Many thanks to all of the bidders who made our May auction a success. Close to 80% of the bidders were successful, and it pleases us to know that many thousands of stamps and covers have found new homes.

If you bid in the May auction, you might be among these lucky bidders in our Spring Fever Give-Away:

Grand Prize of $250.00 Credit
M. Toohey, Australia.
Second Prizes of $100.00 Credit
R. Brideson, British Columbia; L. Buchanan, California;
G. Fisher, Ontario; J. Hennebury, Newfoundland.
Third Prizes of $50.00 Credit
R. Atkins, Alberta; P. Cook, Virginia; Y. Demers, Quebec;
B. Finkelstein, Ontario; J. Furlong, Texas; T. Lyerla, Oregon;
W. Miller, Massachusetts; J. Petrie, British Columbia; L. Rose, Pennsylvania;
R. Rowell, Maine; R. Shakotko, New York; T. Struecker, Iowa;
W. Svoboda, Illinois; Y. Tada, Japan; P. Warman, Nova Scotia.

As a youngster, I was captivated by the thought of space travel. I followed the news closely when John Glenn attempted to become the first American to orbit the earth in 1962. After eleven delays due to equipment problems and bad weather, Glenn took off from Cape Canaveral and orbited the earth three times in the Project Mercury spacecraft, the Friendship 7.

Space history was made on February 20, 1962, and postal history was made as well. The 4¢ Project Mercury stamp had been designed, printed, and shipped to 305 Post Offices around the United States in great secrecy. Less than one hour after the Friendship 7 splashed down, those Post Offices received calls from Washington to open the packages marked “Classified - Do Not Open” and the secret was out. News of the new stamp spread quickly by TV and radio, and stamp collectors started lining up to mail First Day Covers bearing the surprise issue. For the first time, an unannounced stamp was made available to the public within one hour of the event that it commemorated.

The June 28th auction is another great sale with over 7,900 lots. This is the largest number of lots that we have offered in years. We hope that you will enjoy browsing through the sections of large lots where there are many bargains to be had. If you like covers and postal history, you will find hundreds of quality lots to choose from. The small lot sections are loaded with better calibre singles, sets, errors, and proofs.

Bids are accepted by mail, telephone, e-mail, fax, through our web site and at Stamp Auction Network. Don’t forget that you never pay a Buyer’s Fee at Vance Auctions. Good luck in the sale!


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