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Some News and Views. . .

This past winter has been relatively mild with noticeably less snow than usual. Apart from one storm in the middle of March that dumped about a foot of snow in Smithville, we have been able to see our lawns most of the winter. The days are getting longer, and the temperatures are getting warmer, and it is time to celebrate!

Enclosed you will find your entry form for our Spring Fever Give- Away. On May 10th we will be giving away hundreds of dollars in prizes in auction credit. Everyone who bids in Sale #323 will be eligible to win. Simply fill in the coupon and mail it in with your bids. If you bid by telephone, fax, email, or through our web site we will fill in an entry coupon for you. Over the years hundreds of lucky bidders have won prizes in our contests. This could be your lucky sale!

In February my wife Pam and I took a nice cruise in the Caribbean with visits to Aruba, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, and Jamaica.

One of the highlights for us was a transit through the Panama Canal. A few hundred years after the idea of a canal connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans was first conceived, the Panama Canal changed world travel and global trade forever when it opened in 1914. It takes a ship about eight hours to make the 48-mile trip through the canal, and I got to see first hand how the ingenious system of massive locks works to raise and lower the ships.

Most people think that the canal runs east and west, but it actually runs north and south at one of the narrowest points of the Isthmus of Panama. Since its opening, over one million ships from all over the world have transited the canal. It has been aptly called one of the wonders of the modern world. What an amazing feat of engineering.

We have spent hundreds of hours describing, typing and scanning thousands of lots over the past several weeks, and Sale #323 is the result. You will find excellent sections of Canada from early classics up to modern errors, as well as strong showings of United States, Newfoundland, Germany and area, Great Britain, and France. As usual, there are hundreds of lots of fine covers and postal history to choose from.

Whether you browse through the printed catalogue or search through the web version (or both), we hope that you will find just what you are looking for. Good luck in the auction and in the Give-Away!


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